China offers iPhone factory workers bonuses to help them return to their jobs

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Apple’s largest supplier in China is trying to achieve a delicate balance.

Foxconn (HNHPF), while complying with some of most severe Covid rules worldwide, must ensure that Apple’s (AAPL), shipments do not become disrupted before the important holiday season.

According to a WeChat post, the Taiwanese business, which was trying to stop a Covid outbreak on its large campus in Zhengzhou, China, has now begun to recruit again. They are offering bonuses to staff who recently left.

Foxconn’s statement was made just days after Apple declared that it expected iPhone 14 sales to be affected due to China’s Covid curbs. This curbs have “significantly diminished capacity” at Zhengzhou’s largest iPhone factory, Zhengzhou.

Foxconn’s Zhengzhou recruitment WeChat account stated that while the epidemic has affected our work and personal lives, the company had achieved significant results in epidemic prevention measures.

“The park’s production has been restored gradually to its normal state,” the statement said.

According to some reports, anxious workers fled the locked-down facility. Recently, Chinese social media has gone viral with videos showing many people leaving Zhengzhou by foot. Foxconn is attempting to return its staff.

The company states that employees who left between October 10, and November 5, will receive a onetime bonus of 500yuan ($69) if their return. According to the post, new employees will receive a salary at 30 yuan ($4)/hour.

Chinese authorities put a seven day lockdown on the Foxconn plant manufacturing area last Wednesday.

Foxconn has stated that workers can resume work as soon as the “district lockdown is lifted”. Foxconn posted the WeChat post. Employees will then be collected by Foxconn and driven to Foxconn’s factory in a closed-loop setup. This will allow staff to live and work on-site.

China offers iPhone factory workers bonuses to help them return to their jobs

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